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Our team and culture

Here at our Thinai, people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, we can bring together different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to deliver the best services to our clients.

Together, we strive to create a work culture that not only benefits our employees but also allows us to provide exceptional support to our clients.

Raymond Hui


maany headshot
maany headshot
Maany Ramanan


Maany's roots lie in an agricultural family, where she witnessed the heart-wrenching battles with crop failures. Her unwavering passion for infusing ML/AI into the agri-food sector was born from these personal experiences. Thinai emerged as a result of her doctoral research at UC Davis, delving into the profound connection between the environment and malting barley quality.

After dedicating the past four years crafting web apps for industry giants such as Zendesk and Afterpay, Raymond now channels his expertise as a full-stack developer towards creating Thinai's exclusive prediction tool. It's more than just a project – it's a passionate journey of transformation and innovation at the intersection of AI, Agriculture, and climate change.