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To save maltsters from last-minute headaches, we've created a machine-learning web tool that helps predict, track, and maximize grain quality and yield from the contracting stage all the way to harvest. Say goodbye to those dreaded high protein harvests! Our technology empowers maltsters to foresee future harvests, boosting profits and battling climate-induced revenue losses.


person holding grains
person holding grains

Specialty crops like malting barley prioritize quality traits over yield. Our research, based on interviews with 75+ North American maltsters, reveals that 2 out of 3 farmers struggle to meet quality specs in their contracts. This results in 66% of maltsters facing 5-15% extra costs, potentially reaching $1.4K to $1.4M annually.

With malt demand rising at a 6% CAGR, projected at $21M by 2030, maltsters as intermediaries, must reliably predict, monitor, and address barley quality challenges in a shifting climate to ensure profitability.


person coding in office
person coding in office

Utilizing decades of historical quality data and in-house field information, our machine-learning models forecast crop quality during critical stages: contracting, pre-plant, tillering, heading, and pre-harvest.

As the season unfolds, our algorithms leverage real-time field-specific climate data to refine predictions and provide actionable strategies to maximize quality, especially in challenging years.


people shaking hands in wheat field
people shaking hands in wheat field

Our goal is to save you money. We collaborate to establish your quality benchmarks and offer tailored predictions, safeguarding your privacy, revenue and operations. Our services extend beyond sourcing guidance, delivering real-time, actionable strategies for your farmers to optimize both yield and quality. It's a win-win solution.


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